Friday, December 17, 2010

Twitter Writing Contest!

Hello, My Dear Blogger Friends

This post is going to be especially fun, because I am hosting a Writing Contest

Why? Because if you visit here frequently, you already know how I write - smooth, energized, well paced prose leaning on the darker side of literary perfection. Egh - egh - caugh - gag! Scuse me - choked.

Seriously, I want to get a taste of your writing for a change. So here's the deal: If you are on Twitter, all you have to do is write a series of Tweets that when put together make a short-short-story. If you're not a Tweeter, a "tweet" is a string of words no longer than 140 characters total; including spaces and punctuation. The stories should be no less than 3 Tweets and no more than 5 Tweets. All stories must have a Christmas theme - beginnning, end, and must maintain a pg-13 rating; some of my creative writing students follow me. They can be scary, funny, suspenseful or inspirational. And for all you poets out there, they can be in poetic format as well. Next, paste them in the comments section below. It's that easy.

Doesn't that sound like fun?

So what's the Prize, you ask? I hope it's worth the trouble, but I'm offering a A FREE BOOK COVER DESIGN for your next or in process book (ebook or otherwise) - front cover only; I don't do splines and backs. The picture to the right is an example of my work and is the cover of one of my forthcoming novels. Not writing a book? Not interested in a cover? How about a FREE COPY OF THE RUMBLIN', my suspense short-story? Better yet, how about both? Okay. Deal.

Here's an example of what I'm looking for. I posted this a few days ago on Twitter to kind of get the feel for it. It's not a Christmas story, but you'll get the idea....

      The War of the Words by Jeff Bennington

  • Words splash in my eyes like raindrops, dripping, wetting my lips. I taste them. I speak to them and they come to life, roaring back at me.
  • Big words, little words, scurry about with their claws out, chasing me into a corner. They screech and cry out to me...take me, take me!
  • I laugh at the evil little letters with ax in hand. Do as I say, or I'll hack your apostrophe off! Do you hear me, you little bastards?
  • The little things scuttle into corners and cower in fear. One by one they recede into the crevices, slithering back into their dark-hell.
  • They'll be back. I'll wait - sitting here with my ax.
So there you have it. The Writing Bomb's first contest with tangible giveaways worth over $100! If you have any questions, post them. If I'm unclear about something, let me know. If you want to bribe me - feel free! Good luck and may the best writer win! 
Contest ends Christmas Day - December 25th.  
Oh, and by the way, I get to pick the winner, but I'll probably pick it according to popular vote; that is if any one dares to comment. And I'm very sensitive, so if no one enters, I will feel very bad about myself and probably get an early start on my winter depression, and you don't want to do that to me - do you? BOOM!


  1. Okay... so, to save your winter sanity Jeff, here's my entry. :)

    First and Last Christmas by Jemima Valentino

    They found me on Christmas Eve. I looked up with wide eyes, in rags too large, like an abandoned orphan; a mere shell of a human child.

    I cried when they took me. I knew not of warmth, or comfort or love; just steel cold anger, frustrated flailing fists and clotted hatred

    But they held my hand, and they loved me. One snowy winter’s night they gave me a name - no longer was I “Oi,” or “Get the fuck out of here”

    Their home was warm, and we ate crumpets, toasted by an open fire. Butter dripped down my chin, and I grinned with twisted joy.

    For the first time in my life, someone cared enough that night to pretend to be Santa - just for me. I closed my eyes, and died smiling.

    Best I go and tweet it, but I have checked and it all fits. Yay! Who knew it was going to be that hard?!

  2. My Entry: Santa Hates Zombies

    News Flash: If you are a zombie, vampire, mummy, or anything undead and ruining Christmas for all children, beware! Santa is pissed!

    Since the zombie invasion, the world has been overrun by the undead, however, Santa has decided, enough is enough and is out for zombie ass.

    The once jolly fat man has trained his army of elves to take care of this un-dead invasion, that he says, is NOT in the spirit of Christmas.

    This exclusive footage shows Santa dropping a gang of zombies as they invade one home. There will be no brains for them tonight.

    One by one, Santa chopped off the heads of the zombie’s, who thought they would have a sweet Christmas treat of Little Janie Sue’s head.

  3. Finding a silver lined snow flake.

    Mrs. Clause woke Christmas morning to a not carefully placed under her tree.
    "I just can't go on, too many pouting children."

    She and the elves decided to go public telling the worlds children, Santa was a fake. He was just a man who looked good in pictures.

    He was a man who gave these pointy eared short men and women a compound to call home. They are again misfits.

    Take this truth and the next time you want to pout over a gift you didn't receive, blame your parents.

    I however will not be blaming or pouting,I have received my Christmas wish. Now I can go south and get the tan I have always wished for.

    To all a good day.

  4. With tinsel in his hair and a wreath around his nose, he drank eggnog, while tossing presents, to and fro.

    Oh ho, he was funny, fat and jolly, but he kept trying to smoke the holly…and the mistletoe - go figure bro.

    Certainly no Chevy, for the big old heavy, but what the hey, he made it from B to A. in his good old trusty sleigh.

    Rudolph frothing at the mouth, Blitzen eyeing Vixen and Dasher chasing Prancer, it left cupid in the air with Comet in despair.

    But night before Christmas, top of the roof, Santa said…Ho ho ho NO, I’m too fat, too much chocolate from the advent…calendar

  5. So far so good. There has been a really good response. Looking forward to the next story.

  6. »
    WilliamPeeps Ronnie Kennedy

    Despite the scurrilous rumours,I wish to state that I am not 'Scrooge' incarnate.I may have a 'Dickens' of a time,but I'm more Sidney Carton

    Yes,it's a case of 'It's a far,far better thing I do..etc'. a la 'Tale of Two Cities'.You see, 2 ladies are vying for my attention.Ding Dong

    Yes,there's 'Christmas Carol'.I call her that 'cos she brings me seasonal cheer,she has lovely baubles and alluring 'mince pies'.Very jolly!

    Then there's 'Little Dorritt'. She has a 'Tiny Tim' thing going on. She's sweet, demure and as humble as 'Uriah Heap'.I’m 'All o fa Twist'!

    Consulted 'Our Mutual Friend', 'David Copperfield'. He said, 'Take them both out, guv!' Gawd Bless Us one and All! I'm 'Bob Cratcheted!'

  7. Jeff here. I'm posting this on behalf of Sheilagh Lee (@SweetSheil)

    Christmas memories eat at me, darkness takes me and I reach for a wish, a Christmas dream of peace, family, love and laughter.

    A Christmas wish of family and togetherness, I miss my family far away; but that dream is impossible this day they’re far away.

    I hear a noise wondering if I have much to dread. I spot a tree glittering lights shining bright as I hear voices my wonder to behold.

    The faces that I hold all are here brothers, sisters, father and mother. Christmas miracles before my eyes come to give and share.

    Christmas has come to win out the light and banish darkness. I have the peace I seek, the love and the laughter, the joy ever after.

    Author: Sheilagh Lee

  8. This story was written by, Amy Rose Davis

    One stool open. On my left a hooker made time with some guy; on my right, a skinny old man. I ordered whiskey, neat. The codger snorted.

    Used to drink milk. Now I suck up booze with these jobless joes. Whatd you do before the Crash?

    Deliveries. Got nicked on a B&E. Did a dime in Attica. Cant get another route?

    No orders this year. Coldern hell in my house. Couldnt keep the littleuns in leiderhosen. The missus left. I slid $20 over. Here.

    He stood, took the $20. Pulled on a faded red coat and old white gloves. No coal for you this year, buddy, he said, and left, jingling.

    Amy Rose Davis

    by Ami Hendrickson (@Museinks)

    “Grampa? You OK? You scared me!”
    “I told you he’s losing it. He belongs in a home.”
    “I have a home,” rasped the weedy man in the hospital bed.

    A flatscreen monitored his heartbeat in neon peaks & valleys.
    “Where you fell off the roof!”
    “Josh has a point. There’s a foot of snow! Why?”

    “Santa came last night.” He motioned her closer. She placed her ear near him. He inhaled scents of youth & trust. “My phone,” he whispered.

    He held the phone for a tremor-free second & captured a picture of her. “Look.”
    She looked at her photo. Then at the ones before. “Grandpa!”

    The old man exhaled the last of childhood innocence. The monitor mapped a featureless plain.
    “Josh, look!”
    “What are those?"

  10. From the 4th shelf squeezed behind boxes, I peered through the space beside the wall. My brother still counted. "Ready or not, here I come!" He turned & began his search. Completely still, I waited while he found my siblings. A quick rap on the door & everything changed. Dad announced, "Santa came!" My siblings rushed the door, & he dodged! As I made my way down dad said, "What's that noise? I think it's Rudolph!" My eyes widened. He picked me up, pointed out the window, & as only a child does, I saw Rudolph in the Christmas Eve sky. I will never forget that moment. He put me down to scurry up the steps, the last to attack the pile of presents; I cared not. I had just experienced Christmas.

  11. I'm posting this on behalf of @SmithEClaire

    Santa's Gift: @SmithEClaire

    “Mommy, I want to give Santa a gift! He always gives us one!” said little Suzie. The mother sighed, what else was there to do?

    So they bundled up and went to the North Pole. “What do you want for Christmas, Santa?” She asked with concern. He just laughed.

    “You already gave it to me, Suzie! The kids who are good every day, making the world a better place! No toy could possibly replace that.”

    “Then, I don’t need anything for Christmas either, Santa.” She said and her mother was never more proud, Suzie now knew the meaning of Christmas too.

  12. This is not an official entry, but I just had to post my own Twiction. It's too much fun to pas up.

    Angels Without Wings
    By Jeff Bennington

    The star shone down the eastern sky, we shepherds heard the angel’s cry, bowing down prostrate insides shaking.

    No mortal said a single word, we trembled, shook, our vision blurred, earth below my feet began a quaking.

    No wings as told in stories past, out from the clouds, came lightning fast, a message told of timeless god-breathed making.

    The world has changed, time made a-new, the heavens brought a gift for you, with burning eyes my heart boiled hot and baking.

    I froze then gathered up my sheep, the secret I dared not to keep, running, screaming, listening ears a taking.

    Jeff Bennington

  13. Here's mine.
    Still of the Night

    Speeding down the snow-covered road as fast as it could, the Black Mercedes SL550 Convertible with its top down faced the biting cold with fierce determination.
    Ignorant of the biting cold against his pale skin, Chace Lawson was used to picking up any sound or sense. The silence of the night had become too much for him to bear.

  14. I'm posting this on behalf of Katie M John ( i.e. @KnightTrilogy)

    No Title

    Snowflakes, on ice-cold skin burn. Needles pricking the skin, as if nature herself is making her own lacerations on the body in punishment.

    But then again what did she expect? Defying nature in that way. Falling in love with someone she shouldn't. One who didn't belong to her.

    And now he was dead. His heart lying in the snow, a hot ruby red. Sickening steaming as if it were almost cooking. She reaches out to touch it.

    And suddenly, the mad compulsion to consume it grabs her as she imagines raising it and cramming it in through those pale pink lips.

    Katie M John

  15. I'm posting this on behalf of William Esmont

    Salvation Army Zombie
    by William Esmont

    Jingle jingle.
    He’s back.
    Stupid zombie. We’re not coming out.
    If it weren’t for that damned bell, I could get some sleep.
    Jingle jingle.

    I can’t blame him. It was his job to stand on the corner, to collect
    the change. He didn’t ask to get bitten. Nobody did.
    Jingle jingle.

    I wish I had a gun.
    I could end it. Right now.
    I just want to sleep.
    Jingle jingle. Jingle jingle.

    He's gone.
    Or maybe he lost his bell.
    Either way, it’s finally quiet.
    So this is my merry Christmas.

    William Esmont

  16. @bookdreamer here is mine

    It was dark and cold outside the car lights. He could sense faces but then from afar, a radio opened with Silent Night, and fear took over.

    Al took his change giving Deb a thankful smile. She knew to never mention anything to do with Christmas. Shame she’d Pete as boyfriend.

    Pete, outside, looked over as he stubbed out his fag. Any roughing up could be his 3rd strike. But biting into his mincepie, he had an idea.

    Al struggled, he was a boy again waiting for a mum and presents that never came, but as Pete shouted, ‘Stop sniffing aroun—’ he was cut off.

    ‘What the effing hell, said Deb rushing by.‘He’s worth two of you.’ She told Pete where to go by kissing Al and giving him Christmas back.

  17. I'm posting this on behalf of Arlene Radasky

    Lovern turned toward Jahna as she spoke."They said something new is coming. Rhona said these men were from across the water and have walked for many seasons to tell everyone about a new god and his son.
    They say we should be honoring them,they alone can calm fears and promise a life in a more wonderful place than here." Lovern, her husband, the clan Druid, touched her cheek in reassurance. "Our gods promise us the same,a life with them. I hear nothing different other than they want us to sing to one god and his son. In my travels I have seen other gods that are sung to. Even the Romans, bring their own gods with them. Our gods have allowed us a life here, but if this new one needs our attention, then we will welcome him and his son into our world, as well."

    Arlene Radasky

  18. No Title
    By Marcu Hades

    The dress code was black. She was hurt, confused. How could he do this to her? A tear trickled down as it moistened her winter skin.

    He sat on the rocks patiently, as time made no sense now. Nothing left to do. He never knew she would do this to him.

    She couldnt help it now; she had to make a choice. So she hurried towards where he had been. He was there yesterday; around the same time.

    At sunset, someone sneaked behind him. It was her. He was speechless. She reached to him. He was sad and glad at the same time. They hugged.

    Now they would be together forever; literally. Why? How? he asked. She said, Because I love you. Jumped from the same place you did.

    - Marcus Hades

    By George Pappas

    Other day a woman was trampled/by a crowd of Christmas shoppers at a Wal-Mart/They were making a mad dash to buy $29 DVD players

    Consumed by consumer lust/no one stopped to help her/So much for the Christmas spirit/When the crowd cleared/woman was found sprawled unconscious

    on top of a DVD player/A Wal-Mart spokesman said he hoped
    the trampled woman would continue to be a customer/Maybe next time she’ll lose her life over a TV

    Later it was discovered/the woman may have intended to fake the whole thing as she done previously/but this time things went horribly awry/Sometimes the slow hand of justice is swift

    George Pappas

  20. Jeff invited me to enter his competition and I thought it would be rude to refuse - particularly as writing twiction seems to be my forte. You can follow me on Twitter @Jaque_Thay to see a new story each and every day. Until then, here's my entry:

    They call me The Grinch

    Every kid wants to trap Santa thats a no-brainer, but why stop there? The guy has no true powers. Hes just a figurehead; a delivery man.

    Elves are the real deal; they run the workshops, make presents and maintain Santa's sleigh. If you had them you would never run out of toys.

    You'll be the luckiest kid in the world; all your friends will envy you. Any toy, every gift - all yours. It'll be like Christmas every day.

    So? Will you do it? Lead me to Lapland, I can do the rest. I have this plan, see. It's foolproof. We'll stop Santa forever. Are you with me?

    Kid, you listening? Wake up! Bah, you're no use. I'll try the next house. Got to hurry up, my plan won't work after sunset on Christmas Eve.

    PS. I tried submitting through the blog a few times but it seems not to have worked. If you're interested in such details my website is

    By the way, of the stories I've seen so far, Salvation Army Zombie gets my vote.



  21. Happy Holidays & Warm *Twitter Hugs* Wrapped in Giggles!

    The burnt orange glow of the fire~casts gently against the tree~hints of holiday spirits wait patiently~for tiny fingers to uncover the

    treasures hidden within~ I sit listening to the rain~ imagining the smiles & giggles~ echoing through the house~ a welcome sound during this

    lonesome time of year~my eyes turn toward the horizon ~wondering if you imagine the same scene ~if you find yourself among the wrappings~

    My heart sighs~knowing that though U are not here in body~ur heart sits safely in these hands~casting it's own glow of love~against my soul

    ~ Ranee Dillon


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