Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Spiritually Self-Medicating

Hi folks! I wrote this poem to submit to One Stop and I thought I'd share it with you. And just so you know, I've been working on a non-fiction with the same title. I hope you enjoy this poem and post lots and lots of comments and share it with a gazillion of your closest friends and family! BOOM!

Spiritually Self-Medicating
By Jeff Bennington

The needle slides, it burns, it stings.
In my veins no greater thing.
The fluid flows, my soul it sings.
I’m spiritually self-medicating.

I feel the rush that splits my mind.
No matter what it is I find.
I need the hit to help unwind.
I’m spiritually self-medicating.

I run the race and make it fast.
Driving, pushing, never last.
To hell with losing toys amassed.
I’m spiritually self-medicating.

No liquid or a leaf I need.
I have my one and only speed.
My hurt, my pain, my burdens bleed.
When I’m spiritually self-medicating.

Dollar signs make my blood flow.
Adrenalin rush’ll make me whole.
More cash to stash in my payroll.
If I’m spiritually self-medicating.

God, He prays with bended knee.
That I’d look up to Him and see.
A world where I refuse to be.
Spiritually self-medicating.

The cavernous aches and hurts within.
Never seem to look like sin.
They rot and fester deep within.
When I’m spiritually self-medicating.
Spiritually self-medicating.
I’m spiritually self-medicating!

Searching, searching all the time.
For something in me that’s divine.
Empty, empty’s all I find.
I’m spiritually self-medicating.

Not love or lust or sex can shake.
The feeling that I want to make.
Be damned my soul for goodness sake.
I’m spiritually self-medicating.

Not north nor south or west it be.
This blackhole’s on a binging spree.
It sucks the very life from me.
‘Cause I’m spiritually self-medicating.

Yet one day when I’m in the grave
With pennies and my soul to save.
I’ll wish and wish and hope and crave.
To be spiritually self-medicating.
Spiritually self-medicating.
I’m spiritually self-medicating!

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  1. Hmm, not just a poem, I could feel and see this one being a song...good flow and rhymes, with a strong refrain. Closing my eyes, I'm trying to set just the right tune to it...

    Quite the addiction, powerfully expressed.

  2. Thank you Cianphelen! Have at the harmony and rhythm. Mp3 it if you come up with something. Just remember I have a good lawyer! HA! Actually, I never thought of it being a song. Are you a singer? Either way, thanks for reading and I hope you "Follow".

  3. Glad you found us my friend
    never too late to share a poem

    this one is sobering to say the least
    love your flow and I was thinking lyrics as well (as I was just writing some)

    Best too with the book

    Moonie smiles

  4. I worked on the publishing of a book of dark poetry earlier this year, written by Dr. Brent Nelson and fell in love with the style. This style is very similar and equally powerful. Incredibly cool. Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Ilove the ebb and flow of this poem and the feel behind it.It's very dark and meaningful.

  6. Love the rhythm, the flow of your words. I too could very well see the lyrics here. Well done.

  7. Thank you, ladies! And Jemima, to be compared with a published poet means a lot to me. It's funny that most of you commented on the darkness of the poem. I never saw it that way, although I know I have a tendency to veer into the shadowy corners of my mind. The truth of it is, this poem speaks to my belief that no matter who you are, you are chasing after something - work - accomplishment - going through religious motions - family - sex - love - drugs - adrenalin rush - you name it, as a way to fill a spiritual void. I don't believe God is a crutch, I think the thing we use to replace Him is the real crutch. And that's what this poem is about. Is it dark? Maybe. But so is our empty pursuits of self-gratification in a world where we never seem to be fully gratified. We often end up feeling empty, empty. I suppose that's why I'm attracted to writing about the paranormal - ghosts - the impossible, because I believe that anything is possible in this crazy universe.
    Okay. Rant is over.
    Thanks so much for reading and following. I really, really appreciate your support!

  8. Finding a peace of mind, excellent poem.

  9. Hi WelshPoet. Thanks for visiting! Come back soon!


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