Creepy is a collection of scary stories, some fiction and some not. As an author I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing three supernatural events in my life. These ghostly experiences have influenced my writing and have allowed me to truly capture the essence of fear and suspense that you’ll discover in my fiction. If you enjoy creepy tales from Stephen King, you’ll love my heart-pounding suspense. This collection of true stories and short suspense will, at the very least, creep you out!

The fictional stories are “Murdoch’s Eyes” and “The Rumblin’.” These two stories are representative of my fictional-writing style. The other three stories are actual events that I’ve experienced over the course of my life. If you enjoy my work, you might consider reading my two supernatural thrillers: Reunion (an Amazon, best-selling ghost story) and Twisted Vengeance (coming Nov. 2011). Here's an excerpt from my experience with a ghost named Earl.

The Ghost Named Earl

In the fall of 2010, my wife and I went on a weekend getaway with some friends of ours. We rented a really cool cabin in Nashville, Indiana, equipped with hot tub, gas grill and pool table. Nestled on a cozy hillside, the place had a beautiful wraparound porch and an exquisite view of the southern Indiana countryside. The sun shone through the trees and the air felt crisp and cool.
I was in heaven.
We unpacked, started the gas logs and settled into our perfect retreat. We had a fun evening of shopping, cards and watching horror flicks planned.
After we settled in, we decided to head into town to walk through the many shops and galleries. The storefronts were lined with pumpkins and hay bales, tempting us with hot deals and hot apple cider. The evening went as planned and we returned to our cabin, ready to warm our bones and watch House on Haunted Hill.
Before I knew it, the other three started getting sleepy and we decided to hit the sack.
A couple of hours later, around two the morning, I woke up, dripping with sweat. The upper loft had very little airflow. I felt so hot I couldn’t stand it. My wife was sleeping like a baby, but I had to get out of there.
I lumbered down the steps and listened to the creaks and cracks in the rafters caused by the whistling wind. Believe it or not, I enjoyed the sounds coming from the rustic structure. I peered at the leather couch; it looked so cool and inviting. For a moment I imagined sprawling out ointo its cushiony spread, but I heard a strange noise coming from the kitchen and my skin felt like it melted off my face.
I looked around and didn’t see anything unusual. The open floor plan left nothing to hide. The stairs opened to the living room, dining room and kitchen. Our friends’ bedroom and bath were the only other rooms on the first floor, and they, too, were within eyeshot. After giving the cabin a final inspection from where I stood, I lay down on the couch, snuggled into my bedsheet and closed my eyes.
The noises continued.
I listened carefully, trying to make sense of it all. The squeaks and groans seemed to be coming from every direction. No big deal, I thought. It’s just a cabin. Get over it and fall asleep. 
Then, something curious happened. The creaking floorboards began to move closer to me. One at a time I’d hear what sounded like footsteps rolling across the wood floor, carefully pressing down, trying not to be heard. My heart, as you can imagine, hammered in my chest, nearly bursting through my rib cage. I looked at the reflection in the TV screen to see if there was anyone walking behind me, but I didn’t see anything. Then when this thing, whatever it was, pressed on the floor right next to the couch, I couldn’t take it. I sat up, turned my head toward the open space and heard a voice forcefully whisper, “Hello!”
This wasn’t a quiet, “don’t let them hear you” whisper. Oh, no! This was an “I’m not presently living in your dimension, so I’m screaming at you” type whisper.
I panicked, jumping straight up like the scaredy-cat that I was, nearly falling off the couch. 
As I turned I saw a dark silhouette, adding to my terrifying experience. Seconds later, I realized that the shape beside me was only a floor lamp, but that didn’t make me feel any better. My heart continued pounding like a jackhammer.
For no less than thirty minutes, I felt an electric energy buzzing through my body. I felt as if something hovered over me, almost nose to nose, staring at me. I peered through the corner of my eye but couldn’t see anything—nothing physical, anyway. But I knew in the deepest part of my soul that something was there. I lay frozen in place, like an icy Neanderthal in the Tibetan ice caps.
My eyes searched for movement but found nothing. I did see, however, a shadowy figure moving from side to side in the reflection from the microwave door. It was the strangest thing. There were no ceiling fans spinning or curtains waving. Everything stood still—everything except the dancing shadow. At that point, I couldn’t take it anymore. I ran back up the stairs to my personal boiler room and slid under the covers with my wife.
Still, the energy followed me.
After several minutes of fighting my fears, I finally fell asleep..... (continued)

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