Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Get it Write.

Wouldn't you know it? This is like my gazionith attempt at blogging. I hope this one sticks, because I love writing and I love what it has done for me personally, like manipulate my subconscious through hours and hours and even days of prosing my thought processes into novelic story lines and simple minded characters.
Yes, that's how it works. Your shrink has been trying to tell you this for years. You see, the only difference between a writer and a non-writer is that writers take their shrink up on the journaling idea. Well, not really. But it is true that writing makes for great therapy! Maybe that's why it's so attractive to me. In fact, writing reminds me of my wife cleaning out her purse. She turns the bloated bag upside down and dumps everything on the table, and then proceeds to seperate the lip gloss and Starbucks gift cards from all the crap that's accumulated through weeks of shopping and errand running. After unloading two trash bags full of receipts, candy wrappers and ketchup packets, she meticulously rearranges and simplifies her purse...much to my amazement. When she's done, she can easily find what she's looking for.
And so it is with my writing experience. I throw out all of my thoughts, dreams, nightmares and other unspeakable musings on my literary table and shuffle through them until I've seperated what I want to keep from the trash, and then I organize it nicely into the hearts and minds of my characters, completely ridding the extra baggage from my brain, leaving it squeaky clean and fully refreshed.
And that's how it works. I must blog. I am complelled - no, ordained to do this. My blogging shall re-commence from this day forward. BOOM!

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  1. Hey Jeff...I added your RSS feed to my daily list of reads! Love to read your thoughts...keep it up!


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