Thursday, August 19, 2010

Writing What You Know

"Write what you know!"
"Write what you know!"

Every writer is guided by a long list of rules and regulations. We study. We highlight. We underline and subscribe to them so that we can master the craft of writing. One of the rules we constantly hear about is to "write what you know". The point of this rule is to write about the things that come out of you naturally, by bringing your experiences, interests, hobbies and the things that get you fired up into your work with the grand purpose of adding your own personal flare and passion. For example, if you're a runner, you might create characters that  run as part of their lives, because you know what that looks like. Or perhaps if you're a musician, you might enjoy writing about singers, songwriters or guitar players. What better way of showing off your musical brilliance!

On the flip side to this valuable rule, I really enjoy learning about stuff that I'm clueless guns, cars and geography. Case in point - when I wrote Killing the Giants, I had to consult with a good friend who is an avid gun collector, because I really needed to know what type of gun an FBI agent would use, or what the nickname of a CIA helicopter is called (Black Bird). And I have to admit, I really enjoyed that process. But I also enjoy learning about people, how they tick, what they think, and what motivates them. I think it helps me to relate with others, and be a better person in the process. And maybe that is another reason why I enjoy writing - to expand my world - to be more than I was when I started.

So what's the point? Well, the point is, I really love writing, but most importantly, I think writers, journalizers, and poets should never be afraid to just write what we know. We have to get out there and unearth the lost information of this world. We must discover the hidden secrets and share them with the world. I mean, there are aliens, conspirators and other nefarious minions that have yet to be discovered. And we MUST rat them out! That's our job; to make reading fun and interesting and even a little tattletalish. Of course, it's okay to do that with a personal twist by weaving in your own experiences. However, to seek out what you do not know can add a whole new excitement to your writing experience.

And now you know the truth; when it comes to knowledge, I'm an empty page in need of filling. Actually, that may be closer to the truth than not. BOOM!

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