Friday, December 31, 2010

And the Winner is??????

And the winner is?
Okay. Okay. Hang on a second. 
I know you're all eager to find out who won the Christmas Twiction writing contest, but I need to catch my breath here. I'm winded. Seriously, that was tough. I never expected that judging a small contest like this would be so difficult; there was something that I loved about every entry. Some were very poetic, funny, dark, thrilling, and I must say, clever. 

It's not easy to write a story that short...with a limited number of characters, let alone words. So I have to hand it to you...all of you. You all did an exceptional job putting together these short episodes. 


Now, on to the important stuff. But first, (I know - the suspense is killing you, but don't kill the messenger, or you'll never know who won) I want to give each participant a moment to shine and to recognize them. If you do not know these folks, they are all excellent writers and poets, some budding, some blooming. Here they are. Please give them a round of applause and patronize their websites....
All of these writers did wonderfully and judging their work against each other about killed me. But I had to pick one, right? 

The entries at the top of my list were...
  • Marcus Hades: Loved the twist Marcus. It was sad and dark and I really liked that.
  • Jemima Valentino: I didn't think I'd get another entry as good as yours.
  • Arlene Radasky: Flesh & blood characters from another time. I wanted to read the book!
  • Ami Hendrickson: I like the story - grandpa up on the roof - very clever.
  • Kate M John: I was tittilated and grossed out. You painted a great scene!
  • Jaque Thay: If I ever need to execute the Easter Bunny, I'll be sure to give you a call. Nice work.
  • William Esmont: I can't get the jingle-jingle from that zombie out of my head.
  • Ranee Dillon: Nice prose. I felt as if I was there by the fire, warming my hands, listening to you. 
And now... the winners are... It's a three-way tie! 

Arlene Radasky     Marcus Hades      Jemima Valentino

Doing what you three did with Twiction, is very commendable. Great job, Arlene, Marcus and Jemima! All 3 of you win a FREE book cover design by me if you're interested, and a FREE copy of my short suspense, The Rumblin'.

But wait! The rest of the contestants can get a free copy of The Rumblin' as well. I know it's not much, but you all worked hard and frankly, I'm a poor writer with nothing else to give. Great job! Next week I'll have guest blogger, Molly Campbell, an avid reader, tell you what she is looking for in a good book.

Hope you all have a great New Year and be sure to follow The Writing Bomb.

All participants can get your free copy here... The Rumblin'  BOOM!


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  2. Hello Jeff,

    Many thanks for your kind words and verdict. I bet all participants really did well and according to me all the participants are winners. Thanks a lot for the honor.




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