Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Indie Book Blowout is BIG NEWS!

I'll get straight to the point. The Indie Book Blowout sponsored by the wonderful folks at The Indie Book Collective have done something amazing. They've gathered the best Indie authors out there, convinced them to price their books at 99¢ and then they do this huge, massive, mammoth event that is quite honestly, mind boggling.

They reach out to the four corners of the earth, holding a Zeppelin-sized megaphone shouting, "Look over here. We've pulled out all the stops to bring you the best indie ebooks at rock bottom prices."

With indie publishing hitting mainstream news, this is a story that needs to be shared. Is CNN hearing this? The Wall Street Journal? New York Times? Are you media peeps even paying attention here? Readers are making a turn. Readers are accepting indie authors, because the old stigma of the poor quality "self-publisher" is beginning to fade... still there some, but fading.

This event is comprised of ebooks of all genres including BRAIN RUSH from the Amazon best selling author Richard Bard, SUNDERED by Shanon Mayer, BRILLIANT PREY by Brenda Wallace and many other best selling indie authors! Did you hear that? Indie authors are on the best seller's lists.

Yeah it's big news when an indie author sells a million copies or hits the New York Times Best Seller list. But take a closer look at Amazon's top selling ebooks. Indie authors have invaded Amazon's Top 100 ebook list, and especially in the category Top 100 lists.

Trust me, I know; I have three books in the Top 100 suspense, ghost and occult categories.

And yes, I too am participating in the Indie Book Blowout. Why wouldn't I? This is the most professional and dedicated group of authors I know. They pay for quality editing, have great book covers and they know how to tell a story... just ask their readers and reviewers. Isn't that who we're writing for? Isn't the bottom line of book quality, the smile, or tear, or laughter that readers get from a good book? Yes, it is. Quality is not determined by who publishes it, but rather, by reader response.

Alright, that's all I want to say. Go to The INDIE BOOK BLOWOUT Now!

Look for CREEPY, my collection of scary stories; REUNION, my #1 Amazon best selling ghost story; and TWISTED VENGEANCE, my brand new supernatural thriller that will leave you guessing until the twisted conclusion. Also, check out my FREE short-suspense,  MURDOCH'S EYES.

True Ghost Stories
Paranormal Thriller

Go now... the INDIE BOOK BLOWOUT is celebrating the 12 days of Christmas from the 12th -24th of December, so it won't last forever. After the 24th, many of these titles will go back to their normal pricing.

~ Jeff Bennington (writer dude).

*** Do you like my covers? I made them and I'll make one for you too. See my "Author Services" page!


  1. Wow - great sales pitch! I'm utterly won over and prepared to add to my ridiculously long TBR list! :D X

  2. Ha! Thanks, Shah. Come back when I'm not selling.

  3. Great pitch, Jeff. Any calls from the mass market media? Love the covers, especially REUNION.

  4. Ahh. How cool, Jeff. I was just catching up on reading your blogs and am touched that you mentioned me. Thank you! I'm running to tell the other authors you mentioned, too, lol!

  5. P.S. I've also read Brainrush by Richard Bard and Sundered by Shannon Mayer and loved them, so it was also cool being mentioned among those books and authors. You can tell I'm stoked. :)

  6. Hey Jeff, thanks for the mention! I'm super pleased to have Sundered a part of an event with SO many fabulous books and authors! The S/O is very much appreciated!! :D

  7. @Larry ~ Not yet. Thanks for reading. Come by anytime.

    @Brenda ~ Well what can I say. I chum up with quality peeps. Wink wink.

    @Shannon ~ My pleasure to S/O. Hope the event went well for you.


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