Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Mistakefree Zone!

"This is your life...Are you who you want to be?".

Ahhh... words beautifuly sung by Switchfoot. Followed by..."This is your it everything you dreamed that it would be...?" I think I've struggled with those questions more than any other over the course of my adulthood. For the longest time I was constantly pushing..pushing for what I thought life was meant to be...what I thought I was supposed to get from life, work, relationships, only to find that I had not met my own expectations. Asking questions like the ones above may put your selfesteem at risk, if you (like me) have had such big expectations that you unknowingly have set yourself up for disappointment.

But, hold on a minute! Why be disappointed? What can possibly be disappointing about learning from our mistakes or having opportunities to grow? I've made some ginormous mistakes in my life. There are consequences, yes, but did I learn some ultramegalifelessons? You bet! I think the best we can do is to learn from our mistakes, work hard at changing the things that are broke in us and enjoy every experience as they come especially with our family and friends.

In fact, if I hadn't made said mistakes in my life; if I hadn't sunk to the deepest, darkest holes in Hell, I might not have started to write, to meditate with words, to escape into another world, where its just me and the story - a very mistake free zone.

How about you? How do you deal with screw ups? Does writing help? Is writing or reading your mistake-free zone?  Please comment vigorously. BOOM!


  1. I'm the opposite. I write and write and don't have (yet) anything published. My Mom seems to think I'd rather stay pregnant instead of giving birth. lol. I'm not a parent but I see what she means. When I screw up I admit it and try not to do it again. *shrugs* Lately reading is not error free, even if it's a book from Stephen King.

  2. Your right about the errro issue. But I do love creating and I'm so glad I found a place where, occupationally, I fit - typos or not!

  3. I'm glad for you :-) I downloaded your freebie, will read it soon. I just finished a Douglas Clegg book and found not only a couple of typo's but over-used words in one page. Ssshhh! we're not supposed to tell the pro's they make mistakes too!

  4. Thanks RL...But for the record, I'm not talking about writing mistakes or typos...I'm talking about personal life learning type mistakes that have nothing to do with writing, except that those mistakes I made actually led me into writing. I was just wondering if any other writers out there had a similar experience. But yeah, it's hard to get a book perfect when you're talking about tens of thousands of words.

  5. ah. I get you now. May sound arrogant but I'm one of the look before you leap people so my errors are few and far between, but when I make them they're big but I treat them as lessons in place of errors. The "mistake" was a substitute teacher in life's university, see?
    I read "The Rumblin". :-) I lived in Cleveland, TN for a while, in that respect - an encounter like yours turned into story is perfectly logical.


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