Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tell Me Your Ghost Story and Win an eBOOK

It's October, a time for hauntings and ghost stories to come alive. This is  the time when we dress up like ghouls and goblins, visit haunted houses and tell creepy tales of Aunt Gretchen floating down the hallway.

In honor of the season, I want to give you a chance to tell your creepy tales here at the writing bomb. And the best thing is, I will give you a FREE copy of my latest release, CREEPY, just for posting your ghost/haunting story.

Here's an excerpt from CREEPY to warm up your creative creepiness.....

....The noises continued.
I listened carefully, trying to make sense of it all. The squeaks and groans seemed to be coming from every direction. No big deal, I thought. It’s just a cabin. Get over it and fall asleep. 
Then, something curious happened. The creaking floorboards began to move closer to me. One at a time I’d hear what sounded like footsteps rolling across the wood floor, carefully pressing down, trying not to be heard. My heart, as you can imagine, hammered in my chest, nearly bursting through my rib cage. I looked at the reflection in the TV screen to see if there was anyone walking behind me, but I didn’t see anything. Then when this thing, whatever it was, pressed on the floor right next to the couch, I couldn’t take it. I sat up, turned my head toward the open space and heard a voice forcefully whisper, “Hello!”
This wasn’t a quiet, “don’t let them hear you” whisper. Oh, no! This was an “I’m not presently living in your dimension, so I’m screaming at you” type whisper.
I panicked, jumping straight up like the scaredy-cat that I was, nearly falling off the couch. 
As I turned I saw a dark silhouette, adding to my terrifying experience. Seconds later, I realized that the shape beside me was only a floor lamp, but that didn’t make me feel any better. My heart continued pounding like a jackhammer.
For no less than thirty minutes, I felt an electric energy buzzing through my body. I felt as if something hovered over me, almost nose to nose, staring at me. I peered through the corner of my eye but couldn’t see anything—nothing physical, anyway. But I knew in the deepest part of my soul that something was there. I lay frozen in place, like an icy Neanderthal in the Tibetan ice caps.....

Now Tell Me Your Scary Story! And be sure to leave your Twitter Handle or email so I can contact you to get you your free digital copy of CREEPY. 


  1. My husband works at a radio station where 2 of there DJs died in the past 20 years. When he first started working there a couple years ago he would get to work at 4 am and be the only one there. It started with the num lock on his computer being pushed on and off. Then he was down stairs and smelled cigarette smoke and saw a shadow standing in the dark sales pit. More recently, the secretary was speaking to someone in the front office and there is a huge tinted window that looks into the studio. She was facing the window and saw someone behind her in the reflection. She turned around and no one was there. It happened again, only this time the reflection waved at her and again no one was there. She turned to the other people in the office to ask them and no one else saw anything. Needless to say, Ghost Hunters is coming to investigate the station in a few weeks. I don't go in there with my husband unless its during normal working hours when everyone is around!

  2. I bought this house just outside of Spokane, Wa. (The previous owner left some items and furniture) Not long after moving in, the noises started. Those scratchy, creepy noises you always hear about. They were always where I was. If I was in the bedroom, the noises were just outside the house, if I went to the kitchen, I heard them there. Every night. I had my parents come over and ck the outside for any evidence of animals. None.
    Then one night I was sleeping all curled up on my right side, I don't remember what initially woke me up, but as I laid there the bed dipped down like someone took a seat. As I started to open my eyes to figure out what it was, since I lived alone, the bed lifted. I sat up, looked around, and saw a guy standing at my bedroom door. The weird thing is, he didn't scare me. It's hard to describe. It was a feeling of peace or of just thinking 'who's that?' I got up to follow him out my bedroom door and he was already at the end of the hall. As I got to that same spot, he was already at the front door with his hand on the door handle. I remember just staring at him for awhile, then I just turned around and went back to bed. It's been 14 yrs and I still remember what he looked like. I wish I knew more about him and why he was there. I never saw him again.
    After a few more mths of bizarre things happening, I got a Boxer puppy, and all those creepy scratchy noises were gone. My dog, for yrs, would 'watch' things move around the room. She would not respond to any commands during this time, but she never growled, barked, or bared her teeth.
    This will sound funny, but men I dated while living there? It was like I would get warnings. And that's more of the bizarre things that happened.
    But I think I've rattled on long enough. LOL
    Thanks for talkin..

  3. There is a former school for boys near us called Preston Castle, and it's been the subject of Ghost Hunters episode and other investigations. All I can speak for is my own experiences at the castle, some of which are more disturbing than others.

    When I'm taking photographs, I'm extremely focused (no pun intended) but I have to always keep some awareness of my surroundings so that I'm not caught by surprise when someone's about to walk into the frame. There have been a few times at the castle that I've felt someone on my radar, so I wait to hit the shutter but then I don't see anyone.

    The most dramatic encounter was on my first time inside, with a smaller camera club so that we were pretty well spread out. I was alone on one end of the first floor, where there is a woman's bathroom with a storeroom off of it. I was trying to get a shot of the old sink filled with leaves that had come in through the broken window. The storeroom was between me and the sink, and it was pitch black in there.

    I was involved with balancing the bright light coming in, but I gradually became aware of a wave of what could only be described as hostility coming from the dark storeroom. I said something like, "Just let me take these last few shots and I'll leave you alone."

    Without missing a beat, a voice grated, "Who do you think you are?" I took my shot and moved on to another part of the castle, thank you very much.

    P.S. for photos of the castle interior, see my gallery at Now tell me that place doesn't look spooky??

  4. This incident happened a few years ago after my husband's first wife passed away. We were in the driveway at her house one night to meet their son. We stood around my husband's car but no one was near me. My husband and his son were talking when I felt something shove against my side, pushing me back. Yet there was nothing there. We've decided it was probably her ghost displaying her displeasure at my presence.


  5. Years ago, I lived in Nigeria on a missions compound. We never had power at night so it wasn't unusual to wake up in complete darkness. At 3:15 am, I woke to the darkest night I could remember. My room felt too hot. The air was too thick. When I raised up in the bed, the dark MOVED. The thick black night shifted and the dark moved aside so the outside light could shine through my window. I saw the dark pass through my room and out my door. At that same moment, the missionary doctor's wife across the street sat up in the bed screaming in her sleep with a nightmare. Down the street, another missionary doctor's wife was struggling in her sleep as if she was choking, and he had to shake her awake. All at 3:15. We are all surrounded by forces unseen. Can you face the night? I'll pass on the book, I just wanted to share the fun. I don't do scary anymore. Not after Nigeria, and the juju street in the market. The dark side of life is too real over there. You can find me on twitter @HancockVanessa. Happy writing!

  6. This happened in the 1980s. I was a radio announcer and the first week that I was alone on the night shift I heard sounds that I tried hard to dismiss as my imagination.  I remember hearing what sounded like a key in the door, and the door opening, closing and then footsteps coming down the hall toward the control room that I was in.  I would get up and investigate the building and always found no one. I would check the front door and side door and find both locked up tight.  I kept this to himself, this job was what I wanted and no spookiness would distract me from doing the best job that I could. I told himself that the noises came from cleaning people in the business downstairs, or perhaps sounds from the street.  
    After some months of working various shifts I was told that the night shift was mine permanently. About the same time a Soft Drink vending machine was placed in the hallway outside the control room.  The constant light from the machine would shine in the doorway.  I began to notice that between two and three o’clock every night I would begin to hear the noises that were becoming familiar to me each night.  I also noticed that as I heard the sound of someone walking down the hallway a shadow was cast as through someone was walking in front of the coke machine.  I would investigate frequently, but finding no one I continued to keep these events to himself.
    After about two months working the night shift I began to ignore even the shadow and concentrated on making my radio show even better.  One night at about 3:25 in the morning, I was going into a commercial break after which I would read a weather forecast live.  As I was reaching for a copy of the weather forecast placed on top of the control board I noticed a reflection in the Plexiglas stand. Reflected in the glass was an image of a man standing behind me.  I immediately thought back to the events of the first night that I had been called into the station.  The night someone had tried to break in. Thinking someone had been successfully this time, I thought I was a dead man.  I quickly whirled around to confront the intruder and found that I was so frightened he could not speak.  I was so startled all I could do was stare.  The man in front of me had dark hair with average features and no weapons.  In fact the intruder was smiling, his bearded face drawn up in a pleasant grin.  I also saw that his arms were crossed and he looked as through he was wearing a “hippy” looking tunic.  I was shocked but even more shocking was that as I looked at the man standing before me within arms reach I noticed as I looked down he had no feet.  Looking back up into the face of the other man my own face must have registered his alarm.  The bearded man looked shocked, as through surprised that I could see him and then … he disappeared. 
    My mind was in tripping out and I noticed that my commercials were over and I needed to put something on quick before I had dead air.  I put the first track I could find without really paying attention to it. I kept asking himself, did that just happen? What did I see? I was sure I had seen something and the only logical thing it could be was an intruder.  Once again I jumped up and checked ever door and looked into every room finding no one.  

  7. My grandmother was thrilled when I became pregnant with my oldest child, and couldn't wait to meet him. However, she became very ill just a few days before he was born and was placed in intensive care. She died in the hospital when he was one week old, and never got a chance to see him.

    At night, when I put him to bed, I would always look out the window and whisper, 'keep an eye on him for me, grandma.' One night, she did.

    We lived in a small house, two bedrooms separated by a common bath. I had situated my bed and the babies crib so that at night I could leave the doors open to the bathroom and see his crib from my bed. One night, I heard a loud scream and when I woke I saw a woman standing at his crib. I screamed, jumped from bed, my husband right behind me. He searched the house while I ran to the baby.

    When I got to his crib, he had rolled over and had somehow wedged his tiny head between the crib mattress and the side of the crib, his face flat against the mattress side. Another minute and he would have suffocated.

    He's 22 now, and I still believe that grandma is watching over him after many years of strange 'incidents'. But that night, I know she was. Thanks, grandma. :)

  8. Now those are creepy stories! Well, some are sort of endearing, but still, come on, ghosts have a way of freaking me out no matter what. Thanks for participating everyone.


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