Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Live from Best Buy!

Hello writers and readers,
I'm here at Best Buy writing today's post because I can.

I've done a lot of things in my life and most of those things required me to be present whenever I was actually doing the task.  For example, when I was a kid, I couldn't deliver the newspaper while shopping at Kmart, or sweep the shop floor while eating at The Tasty Freeze. But writing...now that's a different story. I can write anywhere.

I can write while driving. I can write from my iPhone. I can write at home. I can write at Starbucks. I can write anywhere now and it is amazingly freeing! I'm no longer tied down to a PC or a typewriter - although  I haven't used one of those for a long long time. The point is, writing has got to be the best job in the whole world. You can work at your own pace, and set your own hours, and live anywhere you want. There might be a few other occupations that compare, such as day trading, or internet marketing, but those jobs are all about the money and I'm not into that. I love to create...and I'm most creative when and where I'm inspired.

So here I am, bent over the display table, writing a blog post, inspiring you to take advantage of the technology available to you, reminding you that you can be so much more efficient, thanks to Microsoft and Apple computers.

I'd like to take the concept further by telling you some of my favorite places to write. Here they are....
  • At Home.
  • At Starbucks
  • At Panera Bread
  • At work.
  • At Meme's House (Mother-in-law)
  • In the car.
  • At the cabin in Tennessee
  • On the airplane
  • On the back porch
That's all for now. The sales reps are giving me the evil eye, so I better log off. Thanks for reading. And remember, my new supernatural thriller is coming out in April. More news about that to come! BOOM!


  1. I was never a fan of writing at home, though I recently realized it's one of my more productive environments. Go figure. I just converted a room into my 'office' - which basically means there is nothing to distract me. The plan is to stick to my new routine until I bang out my first draft, and then, I'm planning an "Editing Tour." My goal is to go to a new location each day to absorb as much stimulation as possible and dodge the possibility of getting bored. We'll see.

  2. Very interesting, Paul. I definitely agree that a regular routine is the best way to pound out the most words. And I think you're on to something with your "mix it up" concept. Sometimes you just have to get away.

  3. No can do bro, I need complete silence. When I am reading or writing; at home works for me. But then again I do not have a house full of kids.By the way did you loose weight?

  4. Bryan, Uh....yeah, I lost weight, Thanks for bringing that up on my world wide blog! Anyway, No, you don't have a house full of kids. But you know, I can write when they're around. I'm really good at zoning out....just ask Amber! Thanks for posting BRO!

    PS...that "anonymous" person is my older brother, so I can give him a little bit of attitude if I want to.

  5. Is it sad that I do the best of my writing when propped up with a pillow in the back of my car during my lunch at work?

  6. Courtney,
    That is not sad at all. I have another writer friend who writes like the Tasmaian devil on his luch hour (William Esmont). He too is very productive that way. I've heard of other things happening in the back seat, but I've never heard of anyone writing back there. I guess there's a first time for everything.

  7. I come up with the best stuff while laying in bed or driving alone...just need to find an effective way of transferring the greatness in my head to something solid, before I lose the thoughts in my overcrowded mind, which is usually what happens - and then I struggle to remember my thoughts later. Frustrating. I agree that new technology is a blessing! I love being able to sit at my kids sporting practices, coffee shops or simply in the back yard, while I write or create other things. I miss the sounds & scents of the old typewriters, but laptops & ipads are freeing!



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