Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fantastic Fiverr Gigs for Self-Publishers

So you're an indie author, publisher, or online marketer and you've already exhausted your yearly social media, or marketing budget by early August. Bummer. What's a starving artist to do? How can you tell the world about your book(s), and keep your name out there when all you have is chump change?

Easy. Fiverr.com

Fiverr.com is fast becoming one of the best ways to not only start an online business, it's also one of the most affordable ways to promote anything from your website to ebooks! The opportunities are endless. The level of creativity on the site is mind blowing. And best of all, everything for sale is only $5, from video creation, book promotion, ebook creation, editing services, cover design, and yes even Happy Birthday Wishes! Everything. Fiverr is like Subway's $5 Footlong gone digital!

I have purchased videos, ebook formatting, book promotion and almost everything under the sun--except reviews--that's one thing I wish wasn't available, but alas, it is. 

WARNING: Fiverr can become addicting if you're not careful. And there are some promotions I have paid for that didn't bring me much of a ROI (return on investment), but so WHAT! It's only 5 Bucks. I have found that promoting with multiple Fiverr book promoters brings in a whole new group of readers that I would have never attracted---and for $5, that's a small amount to spend just to test the waters! Truth be told, I often spend more than $5, but that's only because I usually buy the "Extras". Extras will get you more tweets, a longer video, a customized book cover, etc. Still, the prices are usually very competitive compared elsewhere on the web.

Here are a Few "Gigs" as they are called that I like.

Free Book Promotion (thedesertgirl). This gig has brought my KDP Select FREE books into the top 100 without any other book promotion. She's good at what she does, and also has an offsite promotional website (freediscountedbooks.com)

Video Creation (bachas85). This gig is great if you need a video created. Perhaps you want to jump start your YouTube channel and need a "representative" or maybe you want a talented speaker to create a promotional video for your book. Well this is just one of the many very talented folks who will do just that for ONLY $5!

UK & US Book Promotion (marketing_ebook). This gig has got so many options you won't know where to stop. However, I have definitely seen a bump in sales from promoting with this book marketer. She uses all of her social media tools including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and G+. 

Book Tweeting (indifromindy). Recently I've joined the Fiverr fad and began promoting books and offering other affordable services. With over 20,000 Twitter fans, I will Tweet (i.e. promote) your book 5 times for ONLY $5. I always over deliver, and so do the other folks I've mentioned. You are guaranteed to get much more than a $5 value. 

I also have other $5 gigs that will blow your mind! 
Need something else? How about a bracelet with your book title? How about a half-naked dude singing your book's praises (not my thing but it could be yours)? Do you need a book cover? Do you want to convert your 2-dimensional ebook cover into a 3-D image that will WOW your customers? I'm telling you, FIVERR is the BOMB! 

So if you're operating your publishing business on a shoestring budget, give fiverr a try. I've spent much more for the same results, and I'm sure you have, too. But if you aren't currently in the market for any of the products listed, you'll at least have a good time window shopping! 

Jeff Bennington is the best-selling author of Reunion, The Secret in Defiance, Twisted Vengeance, the Creepy series, and The Indie Author's Guide to the Universe, among others


  1. Just checked it out for the first time, you're right, it's addicting! There's some really neat stuff on there.

  2. Great post,Jeff!Thanks for the info. I heard another author mention this but haven't checked it out. Will head on over and give it a good look. I have yet to figure out how to crack the UK Book market!!

  3. Sounds great, Jeff. I definitely need to look into this. BTW, I bought your Author's Guide last year (the paperback, no less -- yes, that was ME!) Got a lot out of it. Thanks for sharing your great ideas.


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