Thursday, October 25, 2012

How to Win in Amazon's KDP Select Program

Nearly a year after joining Amazon's KDP Select program, I've learned how to work the system, and what it takes to have a successful "free promotion".

The rules have changed since December 2011, and many authors have zipped in and out of the "select" revolving door, perhaps at the peril of growing their audience. It seems some writers give it a quick try, but if they do not experience the success they hoped for, they bail out and jump back into the wide world of multi-platform sales (Kobo, B&N, Sony, iBooks, etc).

I've said it before and I'll say it again, after rolling in the select platform for almost a year, this program is still the best way for a newer/unknown author to increase sales, get reviews, get noticed, and shorten the amount of time it takes to find his or her audience. I saw the potential in this program early on, hoping it would give me world wide exposure. The result? It has accomplished everything I hoped for!

Why do I still like KDP Select? What has it done for me a year after joining? Read on.

Here are a few reasons why KDP Select still rocks:
  • KDP select is an equal opportunity promoter. Everyone gets a fair shake. So in terms of marketing, Amazon's Top-100 lists, both free and paid, are the best promotion tools available anywhere for the lesser known author. If your book hits the Top 100, or better yet, the Top-20 in the free store, you will get world wide publicity. And if you know the going rate to buy that kind of marketing power, you'll realize that it is VERY important to put everything you have into your free promo… it's so worth it. 
  • Authors with one book can get instant notoriety. In the past you had to grow your audience organically, and to some degree you still do. But the select program can actually accelerate that process when you give away your book(s). Put as simply as possible: a successful "Free Promo"  can help your book find its targeted "category list" in a matter of days, not months or years. If you select the right category and use targeted "key words", "tags", and your title is right, you will  discover that readers can find you much easier than if you are just floating out there in Amazon land. Of course there are many factors that determine a winning freebie promo, but I'm assuming you know about cover design, book description, sample, etc.
  • KDP select can literally grow an unknown author with one title into a Kindle reader household name and you do not have to be a literary anomaly. Readers around the world may not know you now, but if you keep writing, and keep promoting your book(s) every 90 days, you can definitely go from dozens of monthly sales to thousands. I'm not exaggerating! You just have to know how to promote your book. This may not happen the first time you plant that seed. But keep at it, and over time that tree will bear fruit!
  • KDP select is designed to lift quality books that are lagging. If you are not selling many books, your only hope in the past is to buy expensive promotions that "buy" sales. Well, you still need to do that to some degree when promoting a free book, but it's much cheaper to promote a freebie, and you can potentially reap a harvest of readers who might not have tried your book if it wasn't free - and make a few bucks while you're at it. I have 5 books now (3 in 2011, 2 in 2012), and my sales increase with every giveaway. Of course more titles makes a huge difference. But after a reader snags one of my freebies, they often buy my other books, too, which is the whole point of going free… to tease… to prod… to gain trust. And if you write great books, and you earn a readers trust, you've got 'em. You WIN! 
  • Huge growth potential with Amazon. With new readers buying kindle products by the millions there's an endless supply of readers, so I don't sweat giving away thousands of copies when there are millions of new readers opting into the Kindle world every month!
  • Rentals. I don't quite understand it, but Creepy, my little 99¢ short collection of scary stories gets about 100 or more rentals every month! Don't ask. I have no idea why. That's an additional $200 every month from that little book alone! I definitely wouldn't get that without the select program.
So what's the key to hitting the Top-100, or Top-20 in the Amazon Free Store?

Well, in my last six "freebie runs" as I call them, I've hit the Top 20, five out of six times, and the sixth time I hit #58 with Creepy, book 1 in my Creepy series. How did I do it? What is my system? Glad you asked because I do have a system. I'll tell you what I do, but first, I need to gain a little more credibility in order for you to take me seriously.

Here are my approximate year-over-year sales records for Sept/Oct 2011 & 2012 respectively: 

Sept. 2011   - 2,238 units (published 2 new titles that month)
Oct.  2011   - 901 units   
Total Sept/Oct 2011 = 3,139 units   (includes UK)

Sept. 2012   - 24,700 units (19,500 free/5,200 paid or rented)
Oct.  2012   - 10,082 units. After Reunion freebie (10/28) I expect to exceed 26,000 units!
Total Sept/Oct 2012 = 44,864 units   (Does not Include UK or other countries)

That is a huge difference, so much so that figuring the percentage of sales increase is redundant.

I average about 8,000 (small books) - 15,000 (novels) downloads with every freebie run. If you get 500-5,000, your after promotion sales will not do much for your post-promo sales. A <5,000 download promo could mean that there is a red flag. A red flag after a freebie run is probably a result of one of the following: poor cover, poor book description, or too little marketing. Obviously price isn't an issue during a freebie, and readers are probably less picky when they get a free book, so what does that tell you? It tells you that there isn't necessarily a problem with KDP select. Obviously Select still works; something else is broken.

So is KDP select still worth it? I think so. Is it for everybody? Probably not. At some point this program may become pointless for those with an established readership -- those with enough kindle readers that they can afford to branch out. But for now, it's doing exactly what I need it to do.

What's my system? I promote my free book. I don't just tweet about it. I don't just blog about it. And I don't just tell my facebook peeps. I actually list and/or pay to advertise it in as many books sites as possible. Some sites are free and some require cash. I usually budget anywhere between $70 to $100 per promotion (every 3-4 weeks). Below you'll find a list of the primary sites I use. I rotate my usage of these sites every 90 days. That's it.  

Here's my list of "Free Book" promotion sites: 
These resources are updated regularly at The Kindle Book Review.

  • Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List brought to you by
  • The Kindle Book Review - lots of creative ways to promote free books
  • (tweet Teams/Free day announcements for members [free])
  • - get your book excerpt mailed to thousands of opt in readers
  • - great site to promote freebies and 99¢ books
  • - Offers free promo & sponsorships.
  • eReader News Today – free ebook submissions
  • – tweets to large audience $29
  • - Promotes to a decent sized facebook crowd.
  • Freebooksy - Promote free books & offers paid features.
  • - Announces free books and does author interviews.
  • - large reach but expensive.
  • - up and coming free/low cost book promtion with a friendly touch
  • Kindle Mojo – a book promotion site for freebies and non-freebies
  • Kindle Book Promos - Free book announcements/Sponsorships
  • Book - Emails daily book excerpts to their reader list
  • Author Marketing Club - FREE! Free day promos and book promos
  • - pricey but has a large email following
  • - author features/reviews/free book posting
  • BookDealHunter – promotes freebies
  • Free Kindle Books and Tips – Promotes quality free kindle books
  • Free Today – Post free books. Facebook focused.
  • – List free books
  • - Posts free books and reviews books

  • I hope this article helps. Let me know what you think. 

    Jeff Bennington () is the best-selling author of Reunion, Twisted Vengeance, Creepy, and Creepy 2, and The Indie Author's Guide to the Universe. Creepy 3 is coming soon!


    1. One of the best posts I've yet read on the subject of KDP Select. I'm publishing my first novel in a month or so, so I've been very interested in this subject. Thanks for the great information!

      1. Hi CT, If this is your first novel, I highly recomend KDP Select… at least until you have a few titles under your belt.

    2. I've pretty much given up on KDP Select. A year ago, it helped my paid sales immensely but I'm just not seeing that anymore. Then again, I'm going through my worst two months for sales ever so perhaps it's time to give it another go with my new book, Stage Five. You gave me something to think about, Jeff.

      1. Hey Robert, I'm sorry to hear that. I find that every additional title makes select even more effective. One important key that I failed to mention id to use my "Price floatation" method when running a freebi. Some people say price it high during the promo so it appears to be a good deal. I say, no way! Price it at 99¢ about 7-10 days befor the freebie run so you start with the very best organic ranking possible and keep the 99¢ price until you hit a "high tide", meaning the highest ranking after the promo (in the paid store). Then raise your price glean the additional profits while you slowly fall back - and it is okay to fall back. I don't worry when I drop at regular price, because I have two arsenals for dropping sales… 1. Price drop (.99) and 2. Another promo with one of my other books. With 5 titles (soon to be 6), I can combat shrinking sales every 3 weeks. The constant bump up, with intermitent drops looks like a 100 year stock market graph… slowly but surely growing.

        If you can't sell on Amazon, NO ONE ELSE will market your book(s) any better, although Kobo is second best in my opinion. Now guys like Bob Mayer, Nicholson, Konrath, and Crouch have a lot of books so they can pull out of select and still succeed with a large backlist, but they still use a few books in KDP to stir the pot. But folks like us, if promoted properly, and with an excellent product, can expect better results with select than without it… unless you have an unlimited marketing budget (and I know some authors who do, but that's not me). Thanks for reading.

      2. Sorry about all the typos. I was writing with passion!

      3. All right, you twisted my arm. Instead of pulling out, I'll jump back in with both feet and double my KDP Select efforts. Right now I don't have much to lose since things are slooowwww. I put just one of my books back on Kobo and B&N months ago and I've seen ZERO sales there. Nada, nothing.

      4. Robert, I don't know how many titles you have, but the long term results are definitely relative to the number of titles and promotional efforts. I know how much work goes into publishing in all venues, so I'm not doing that again, until I have enough titles that it will be worth my time. In otherwords, I'm not pulling out of Select until I can keep a few in Select and publish a few outside of Select and make more than a hundred in outside royalties per month. I might as well write another book during the month it would take to get all my titles across the web.

        Thanks for dropping by, bud. Look me up if you have any questions.

    3. Thanks for the fantastic list! I will be saving this post to my favourites so I can dig it out when needed! Personally though, I have a love-hate relationship with KDP. Unless you get picked up by one of the big sites or pay to be featured, it's a bit hit or miss now. Don't get me wrong, I've had some amazing months with KDP and I still have (and will continue to have) titles in the program. However, my sales on Barnes & Noble and Apple are steadily growing and I'm now making about 30% of my income from B&N now.
      I think it's all about moderation, so while I'll keep a couple of titles in KDP Select, the majority of my books will also be found on other sites. New authors should think about having titles as permanently free in order to build up an audience across a number of sites, as well as using KDP Select. Eggs and baskets come to mind... ;-)

      1. Hi Marissa, Glad to help. And you are absolutely right; an author with multiple titles like you has to look at things differently than an author with one or maybe two books. I too will get to the point where I have enough titles that I can keep some in Select, while all others are busy earning in other venues. And there is a transition point as well. Sounds like you are in transition. I think I'll get there, too, but not just yet.

        I also want to consider the future of Amazon's NEW "Top-100 Author List". This list is based on book sales and I think to some degree includes freebies, although they are probably weighted less than a paid sale. But this list literally has the potential to make stars out of authors, especially if they are in the top 20. So if freebies can impact an author, and in effect raise his status/findability among readers because he or she is listed as a "Top-20 Horror Author list" at the biggest book retailer in the world, well, that's just huge..even if he or she is anywhere in the Top 100, it's still a good thing.

        It's a complicated business we're in! But isn't it great FUN??

    4. you couldn't have times this post any better - been thinking of pulling out of Select - have bookmarked this and will re-read it again later.

    5. Jeff,

      Thank you for an outstanding post! You make many great points including that a "free promo" still needs to be promoted and with great energy by the author. Pull out all the stops because it is all about future sales. In my emails with authors I often give the link to a blog post by Claire Ridgeway and her post "What I did to make my KDP Select Free Promotion a success." It covers a lot of what your list does but it goes to show what an author needs to do to make a "free promo" a success.

    6. Very timely and helpful for me, Jeff! Tomorrow is the last day of my KDPSelect days, and I was planning on publishing to other platforms. Gives me something to chew on. Have you heard of anyone having much success with publishing an ebook with Lulu? I was thinking of doing that and doing a hardcover edition with Lulu, as well.

      1. Hi, Terry. Thanks for reading. I wouldn't publish with Lulu at this time. I have, but they do not match Createspaces level of service and distribution. The only expense I have with CS is $25 for full distribution, and it is exactly what it says, giving retailers their required 40-45% markup. No other self pubbling platform with the exception of Lightning Source does that. And I wouldn't publish an ebook on Lulu either. They just do not have the platform there for your book to be successful. All you get with Lulu is a page where your book will be available as an ebook… a web page that will sink like a lead-filled submarine.

        If you want to publish across the board go with Kobo (the second best platform), B&N, Apple iBooks, ACX (audio), Sony, and smashwords. There are probably a few more, but those are the sights that I'd try for. You can also go to They will create and distribute your ebook in ALL venues for a fairly decent price. You lose some control when you pay someone, but that's up to you.

    7. Thanks, Jeff. I was having some second thoughts about enrolling my new book into KDP Select. Your arguments are strong.

      1. Thanks, RW. The info is indeed relative to an author's platform, number of titles, and a slew of other factors, so this should all be considered within the context of your circumstance. Good luck!

    8. This is great info, Jeff. Thank you. I have two of my books in KDP but haven't done the free promotions-- mostly due to lack of knowledge and wanting to do it right. I will soon try it out. I also have two books that I don't use KDP.

      One which is a sailing adventure with a sailing cover is doing well and I must say it's Amazon that is helping move this book-- along with a very good story. Amazon will often show my book as an option when readers look at sailing books and that accounts for a number of sales. Genre counts. Thrillers, YA, Fantasy, Horror, ect, are tough groups to break into, even with and great story, cover and reviews-- that's where I think KDP will help the most.

      Great post! It's always nice to see authors helping other authors with info and support.

      1. Hi Dannie, Thanks for visiting! Glad your books are "sailing".

    9. Great post, Jeff. Thank you for all the great promo site links!

    10. The most amazing things is that I thought just writing my book was going to be hard work! It is nothing compared to selling it!
      Great post, given me some excellent tips to think about.

      1. You are so right. Although I think marketing a first book should be easy. Why? Because I think writers should put far more effort into writing books 2, 3, and 4 before they put an extraneous amount of time into thier freshman effort. Not much happens during book one, for most authors anyway.

    11. Thanks for this post, Jeff. You gave me some of this info just before my first free promo earlier this month. I tried to do as much marketing as I could, but this first promo didn't go so well. I topped out at something like #729 in the free store. (and sadly, I didn't even hit 500 downloads.) Why? Firstly, I didn't have enough reviews yet, although I have tried to get them. I just didn't start early enough. I couldn't promote on some sites because of too few reviews or because the book is shorter than their requirements. A couple sites don't promote my genre. I also have only one book, so that makes it harder. I know my marketing efforts fell rather flat. As for the cover and book description ... hmmm ... it's hard to judge that for myself, especially when it comes to the description. As for the cover, it isn't outstanding, but I don't think it looks like chopped liver, either. :) Anyway, I will be staying with KDP Select and try to do it better within the next 2 months.

      1. Hi Julie, There are definitely some hurdles for some authors regarding the select program. Short stories do not get as much help either,and some genres just don't have that big of an audience. So there are some realities that some authors will have to face and obviously we can't all fit in the top 100! But you do what you, as much as you can, promoting hot and heavy for 3-5 days, and then get back to work on the next MS.

        Thanks for reading and commenting.

    12. A really great, super useful post. Cheers.

      Moody Writing

    13. you, sir, have just earned yourself another follower. thank you for writing this.

      1. And you, sir, just won a free copy of The Indie Author's Guide to the UNiverse! email me at and I'll send a copy in the difital format of your choice.

    14. Great post, Jeff, and I loved your Indie Author's Guide, too. The first time I did KDP Select, I had a respectable number of downloads (I thought). The second time, ha! I discovered about half of the sites on your list and hit most of them--a firehose of downloads! And I made into the top 10! The same thing happened with the third promo. The important thing is to make sure you have some good reviews first, though, because otherwise many places, like Pixel of Ink and BookBub, won't take your book. It's one of thos Catch 22 things, where you earn more reviews as your book gets around, but you NEED the reviews for it to get's also important NOT to do KDP Select too often, and to do more than just a 1-day promo (i.e., schedule 2 or 3 days back-to-back.) Thanks for all you do to help indie authors.

      1. Thank you, Holly. I have even had success with a 4-5 day promo. But you are right; a one day promo is useless.

    15. Great article and good advice. using this today.

      I did my first KDP from 3-5 November for my novel 'The 5th Amulet'

      It went really well I thought. I had a good result.

      In the UK #2 in Action & Adventure (Stephen Leather above me) Thriller chart #16 #120 overall in Kindle.
      In the USA #19 in Action & Adventure, #30 in same genre.

      It was only promoted through facebook as I discovered the promo sites too late to exploit that oppourtunity.

      It has generated paid sales since this week and loans on the new UK KDP loan.

      I have also generated 41 likes on author page and multiple likes on kindle in US and UK sites.

      So I would personally rate my KDP free experience as excellent and will be using your post for the next promo.

      1. Excellent. Good luck. Plan for a very crowded room over the holidays.

    16. All of the above is why I'm staying with KDP while a lot of fellow writers try other avenues like Smashwords. I still believe that besides KDP doing its work, you have to have a book that people actually want to read. Many self published works fall by the wayside for many reasons, mostly errors in spelling etc. If like me you are fortunate enough to have caught the reading public's attention it makes KDP's work a whole lot easier.

    17. Man, I wish I would have found this before I published my book last week. Really great post!

    18. With renewed enthusiasm for KDP select, I scheduled a free promo this week for my latest book, Stage Five. I promoted and listed it on 20 websites in addition to FB and Twitter ahead of time. Something I never did in the past.

      It's been free since Monday and as of 11:33 Wednesday it's be downloaded a whopping....287 times. My goal was to crack the top twenty and I barely got under 1000. It plateaued yesterday and the rank is slipping down now. Over 1200 and falling...

      I remember my very first promo in January of this year with another book. Without lifting a finger, I had almost 200 by 8:00 AM on the first day. Over 700 by the end of the day. I don't remember the final number but I'm pretty sure I had over 10,000 downloads by the end of the week. This was all without promoting first. Since then, results have been less dramatic.

      Very disappointing indeed. I know short story collections aren't everybody's cup of tea but I was expecting a lot more considering I spent so much time promoting first. I even spent some money for a guaranteed listing on the Kindle Book Review. 5 bucks!!

      Rant over. Just looking for a shoulder to cry on. I'm curious if those of you who are still using Select freebies are still seeing downloads in the thousands after a few days.

      1. I am currently in day three of a three day freebie promotion for an erotic fiction book. I promoted it on about fifteen Websites as well as Twitter and Facebook. I couldn't use all of the sites in the above list because some of them don't accept erotica and others require a minimum number of reviews.

        At the end of the day today, I will have had about 1500 downloads over the three day period. On previous occasions, I've done freebies for one day only with no promotion and one of those had 1100 downloads. Others I've done for one day with no promotion have averaged about 800 downloads.

        The book peaked yesterday at #210 among all freebies and #5 among freebies in the erotica category. Currently, it ranks #293 and #10 in those categories, respectively.

        I do not know what conclusions to draw from this. I'm just providing the results.

      2. I have the same problem with my short story collection. The first promo back in the days of the early Amazon algos resulted in 19,000 plus downloads and 300 sales and 50 downloads after the free period. From there on the next 3 promos resulted in less than 2,000 downloads each time. Either KDP is not what it used to be or the people out there that download short stories is a smaller group than we thought.

    19. I just did my first promotion on Monday in KDP Select for my first novel (only been out about a month and with only 3 reviews) and I was so pleasantly surprised. I got over 2300 downloads in two days and broke into the Top 10 of my genre. I'm really interested to see if this transfers to real sales over the next few weeks but I know I got some really great exposure. I think I'll defintely stay with KDP Select until I've increased my titles available - the free promotions are just too good to pass up.

    20. All of these posts seem to be missing the main point to me.

      If you give it away for free, then sure people will download it.

      BUT, what happened in the 4 weeks AFTER the promotion stopped? Did you make more paid sales?

      And did it then persist or go back to what it was before?

      I have tried KPD Select for one of my books and prior to this year it worked well, because Amazon linked the number of downloads to where they ranked your book.

      I am not seeing that this year however. I believe they have changed their ranking algorithm, so that free downloads don't seem to count.

      In the early part of this year I just didn't see any uplift in sales even after giving away lots of copies.

      So I withdrew from KDP Select. I am thinking of giving it another go though. In the absence of a big marketing budget to promote the book I am only getting a couple of sales a month, and that is rather depressing for a book that is genuinely good (It is non-fiction).

      What methods are people using to promote their books?

      I did a giveaway at Goodreads. That garnered about 500 entrants, but no real uplift in sales.

      I am starting to really doubt these success stories about Kindle. In my experience you are very lucky to sell more than 10 copies a month of a non-fiction title, even with good reviews (my own has seven 5-star reviews - and yes, they are genuine!)

      Seeing as it's almost Christmas I will end by saying BAHHHH - HUMBUG!!!

      1. Anonymous, I'm sorry that you had a bad experience. It is true that there is luck in KDP success as in any success really. But there actually are authors succeeding in KDP even with one title although that is becoming more and more difficult. I chose not to give up on KDP select, but rather, discover what works. And the truth is you have to promote a free book as much as you need to promote a book in the paid store, as well as other tricks, like actually paying large subscriber websites (EX: money to promote a free book. I did this in November with Reunion, spending $300 in paid promotion for the freebie, and had a return at the end of the month with $1600 in royalties at the end of the month…. The promotion lifted sales of all my other books, giving me the best pay day since last February. Of course multiple titles helps and I always say, "The best marketing a newer author can do is to write more." That is still true. Marketing just one book takes much more work than marketing 5 or more.

        Good luck with whatever you chose to do.

    21. Hey Jeff--

      I'm trying Select for the first time this month and I can't tell you how grateful I am for this list of resources. And most of the sites you link to have their own lists of free promo sites or reviewers to reach out to! and in particular look like gold mines.

      Congrats on your success, and thanks for sharing your tips.

      -Ben Rovik
      Great Characters. Off-beat Fantasy.

    22. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    23. Thanks Jeff for your help. I have read your books and found them very helpful. The two things I find most difficult is listing in the proper categories and when to adjust prices. Any feedback on that? Thanks, Laura Dobbins

      1. Laura, Feedback? Try doing an Amazon search using key words that you think best represent your genre and content. For example, I write ghost stories/supernatural thrillers, right? Well #1., I want to have terms like "supernatural" or ghosts in my title or subtitle... this helps with search ability. Same with my key words. I do a key word search like "ghosts", "books with ghosts" "supernatural thrillers". What I'm looking for is books/covers that look like mine. Am I finding books with high rankings? Does the word search pull up books ranked in my category? If not, I will use a different term and choose the ones with the best results. That's how I choose categories... through research, not simply guessing from the list. But never be afraid to change anything: key words, tags, pricing, etc.

        I have played with my pricing immensely and have found that at $2.99 or higher I consistently rise out of my category lists (ghosts/occult). I do not want that. I care more about gaining readers at this point than earning $1.60 more per sale, so my goal is to keep my books in their respective top 100 lists and preferably in the top 20... therefore, I price my books at 99¢ because that's my sweet spot, until I grow a stronger demand. Play around with pricing and see what gives you the most purchases. I make between $1500-2000 a month on 99¢ books, so this price point can be profitable... I'm proof of that.

    24. I did 2 days of freebies last month and I used this list as a blueprint...I didn't do any of the paid sites.
      My book made it to #8 in the free kindle store #4 in romance and I ahd over 15000 free downloads. I've gotten new reviews, facebook likes, twitter followers and sales of my other book. My sales in the 3 weeks since have been really good (for me) was a success by any measure and your advice really helped me so thank you.

    25. I just did this again with Reunion and hit #1 (2/3 - 2/6) and stayed there for 2 days, ending at #8. I used Bookbub, Freebooksy, and a really savvy "free book" marketer at investment $365. I am now ranked at #437 (AND RISING) as a result of that simple freebie. I didn't even do all the free book posting... only cost $45 to pay someone else to do it.

    26. That's awesome, Jeff. At what point do you think you'll bump up to $2.99, or are you going to stick at 99 cents a while?

      1. Sticking with 99¢ until I'm satisfied with my audience growth. That's what I'm working toward now rather a $2 profit on fewer books. Something I've thought about lately... if I have a ready to go audience, that will make me more valuable to a publisher if things ever change down the road... besides, fans will pay more if they are committed.

    27. Thank you so much for this info. I followed your suggestions and had a free 5 day promo last week. Hit 20 on top 100 free and had 12,000 downloads. Had never hit top 100 free before. I raised the price back to 2.99 the day after the promo and sales are dropping like the proverbial stone. I think you are right about building a name first and price issue. Dropped prices on all my books today to .99. I have scheduled another promo for March on a different book so I'll see how it goes with lower price. I hope you know how much I appreciate your article. Would you be willing to share the identity of the marketer on fiver or the person who will contact all the websites for $45? Again, thanks so much.

      1. That's awesome. I use desertgirl on Fiverr. I have also started promoting there too under Indifromindy.

        I have a Fiver gig now that gives an exact path to hitting #1 on Amazon's free list... I have a 5 step process that has worked perfectly the last couple times.

    28. Hi, I really appreciate your blog. Great!


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